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Mary Wills Bode Announces Campaign for Senate District 18

Mary Wills Bode, North Carolina native, non-profit executive director, and attorney, has announced her campaign for North Carolina Senate. She is seeking to represent District 18, a newly drawn district which includes part of Wake and all of Granville Counties. Bode is a registered Democrat.

Bipartisan priorities like lowering health care costs by expanding Medicaid, ensuring our schools are well equipped to provide the best education for our children, and leveling the playing field for rural areas so all of North Carolina can thrive, are issues North Carolina can overcome, but only if we commit to working together. Mary Wills Bode is stepping up to make sure Senate District 18 is represented by someone who cares about finding affordable solutions to our problems that will make all of our lives better.

Mary Wills released the following statement on the launch of her campaign:

“The people of Senate District 18 deserve representation that will work on common sense, affordable solutions that are rooted in the best interests of everyone. We all want good schools that equip our children for the future. We all want lower health care costs and we all want access to the tools that will make our lives and businesses better – like high speed, reliable internet. Electing people who want to find common ground for the common good has never been more urgent for our state and nation. I truly believe that we can move forward together. When elected, I am committed to working with anyone—Republican or Democrat—who is interested in passing laws that will make life better for the citizens of North Carolina.”

About Mary Wills Bode

Mary Wills was born and raised in Wake County, but spent much of her childhood in Granville County, where her mother’s family has lived for generations. Due to her deep ties in both counties, Mary Wills understands the issues that the people of Senate District 18 are facing: issues like lack of access to affordable healthcare, quality jobs, and fast, reliable broadband internet.

As an attorney, Mary Wills has represented a variety of businesses which provide jobs to thousands of North Carolinians. As an executive director of a non-profit, Mary Wills understands what it takes to build consensus and reach compromise in order to achieve progress.

Mary Wills is the daughter of former North Carolina Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Lucy Hancock Bode, and John Bode, a retired Vietnam veteran and Raleigh attorney. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University, as well as the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law.

For more information please visit:

Senate District 18

Senate District 18 is a newly drawn district with no current incumbent. The district is located in northern Wake and Granville Counties.


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